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Industry 4.0- Industry IoT & M2M

 Industry 4.0, the next industrial revolution, It is driven by the need for more production efficient and cost-effective integration solutions. It will be supported by advances in industrial automation application as exemplified by the Industrial IoT and a shift to PC-based industrial computers. This combination of smarter devices working with intelligent control will help realize the possibilities of digital manufacturing.



KINGDY provides a full wide range of industrial computing solutions for increasing demands of industrial environments, including high performance and low power consumption fanless slim industrial computers, cubic box PCs, DIN Rail Box PC, Control cabinet box PCs, full IP65 stainless steel box PCs, standard panel PCs, full IP65 stainless steel PCs based on fanless , wide temperature , PC based architecture platforms. Which also equipped with multi fieldbus modules for industry 4.0 IoT platforms, The PC-based solution can provide the higher computing capability for complex control/management purpose and also provide the rich communication interface for IT system integration. Users can implement the solution into the new or existing system without any gaps.

KINGDY industrial computers IoT gateway platforms feature multi fieldbus control interface, as well as superior WiFi/3G enabled edge device/cloud connectivity. Secure, scalable computing gateways with fieldbus interfaces enable seamless connection, aggregation, filtering, and data transmission to the cloud with confidence.


  IT-OT Convergence, M2M Communications, Industry 4.0, and IoT ready for future requirements

PC-based platforms for measuring, control, data acquisition, and industrial image processing applications and related industrial usage

Fanless, rugged, reliable, compact, and scalable design for maintenance-free and continuous operation 24/7

Fast, cost efficiency and flexible embedded technology that matches IPC power, price, , performance

Power saving , high-performance Intel Core Celeron / i3/i5 i7 and energy-efficient Dual-core and Quad-core Atom processors

A variety of interfaces & configuration options (USB 3.0, VGA, DVI, HDMI, DP,Ethernet, Serial ports, DDR3L/SSD/OS)

Wide temperature, Wide voltage, vibration, shock, & fanless operation up to ambient temperatures -30 of 70 °C depend on CPU selections.

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