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TP-GL/GN : Multi Touch Fanless Panel PC w/ 4th Gen Intel Core Celeron i3/i5/i7/

● 4th Gen Intel® Core™ Celeron® i3 / i5 / i7 / Celeron® CPU (CPU on board)
● LCD touch panel from 7" to 21.5"
● Widescreen solution for 7", 10.1", 15.6" and 21.5"
● PCT panel for multi touch function or resist. panel for 10.4",12.1", 15", 17" & 19" only
● Powerful performance but low power consumption under fanless design
● Great graphic performance
● DC input: DC in 12V,19V ~ 24V, 12V/19V/24V, external power adapter

The TP-GL/GN Series is a professional-level touch panel PC. Equipped with 4th Gen Intel® Core™ i3 / i5 / i7 / Celeron® CPU, it features powerful performance but low power consumption under fanless architecture. Moreover, its HD graphics performance enables advanced visualization application as well.
Additionally, it has a PCIe slot and a Mini PCIe slot, which allows you to expand system functionality.
Optionally, the waterproof gasket design and an external DVD-RW driver are offered for advanced protection from water intrusion and easy data storage / backup respectively.
You can also choose to integrate a RFID sensor into the device for RFID technology application, such as logistics, warehousing, distribution or industrial automation (identification of workpiece carriers on assembly lines, material flow control, identification of containers and other receptacles)
From 7 " to 12.1"

Multi touch function demo
click for online video)


From 15" to 21.5"
Seamless Flat design (optional)
Anodized and hairy brushed finish

Waterproof sponge design
External antenna at the rear
Clip mount available


● 4th Gen Intel® Core™Celeron®  i3 /  i5 / i7  CPU

● LCD touch panel from 7" to 21.5"
● Widescreen solution for 7", 10.1"15.6" and 21.5"
● PCT panel for  multi touch function or resistive panel for 10.4",12.1",15", 17" & 19" only
● Powerful performance but low power consumption under fanless design
● Great graphic performance
● Compact design
● Up to 2 x GLAN, 4 x COM, 4 x USB, 2 x HDMI
● 1 x PCIe slot, 1 x Mini PCIe slot
● Seamless flat-bezel design between bezel and panel
● IP65 aluminum  front bezel
● Silver anodic aluminum front bezel with hairy brushed
● 7H hardness anti-scratch panel surface
● Oil- & water-stain-proof panel surface
● Enhanced PCT touch panel to enable input with glove
● Waterproof gasket design (optional)
● External DVD-RW driver (optional)
● RFID sensor (optional)
● DC input : DC in 12V or 19V ~ 24V external power adapter




TP GL data sheet


TP GN series data sheet


TP-GNL15xx mechanical engineering drawing


TP-GNL15xx (with gasket) mechanical engineering drawing


TP-GND15Qx mechanical engineering drawing


TP-GNL17xx mechanical engineering drawing


TP-GNL19xx mechanical engineering drawing


TP-GND21xx mechanical engineering drawing


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